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Argiry Vasilakou is a distinguished graduate of the painting section of Athens School of Fine Arts and of Printmaking section of the same Univeristy with a scholarship during her studies . She has also a certificate in ceramics and attended courses of photography and sculpture in the Athens School of Fine Arts.  She has curated and organized exhibitions, theatre plays and seminars which included
articles writing ( with the financing of the State Foundation of Scholarships abroad). She has presented three individual exhibitions, participated into many group ones in Greece and abroad, like 2013',individual ''On the stage'', Manatakeion Foundation,'Elegant to be engraved”Athens 2012, 'The dialogue between
literature and printmaking', Athens, 2012, Printmaking exhibition, 'Peace', Mexico, 2011, painting exhibition, The Greek Comitte for Athens International democratic solidarity, foundation Melina Merkouri, 2010, painting, 'the artists of Nikaia' Ministry of education, Athens, 2006, individual painting exhibition, gallery Lisa, Leros.
She has worked also as a professor assistant of Mr. Ch. Botsoglou with detachment from the secondary education, in B atelier of painting of Athens School of Fine Arts.


The man is a social being , however , they construct their own invisible cities , where they  inhabit throughout their life without realizing ,before it is too late. The main reason for this is their inability to explain the world  ,more specifically to answer existential questions, to surpass their own weaknesses and to resist compromise to life patterns that they do not represent them. The strange thing is that this imaginary ,invisible city appears to be more real for the individual than the
one that really exists and concerns a whole community. Certainly the exchange of ideas between the invisible and the real city  would be the ideal  for a human being, however the balance between these two can be hardly acquired.

Invisible cities

Invisible cities