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Mariana Madeira was born in Lisbon on 1986. Since 2008 she has been displaying her work in Lisbon, Munich, Berlin, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Nova Friburgo, Rio de Janeiro and Buenos Aires. She attended the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich and the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro where she was a researcher at the laboratory for research in arts, hybridization and bio-telematic center (NANO). In 2014 she concluded her Masters Degree in Communication, Culture and Arts at the University of Algarve. Throughout her artistic process she has been focusing her work on exploring and creating new possibilities and boundaries of territories that question its own existence and reality, through video art and installations


This video leads us to the thematic "where did we came from? where are we going?". Here, the Stephen Hawking’s speech tell us a little about the Planet Earth’s history, analyzing it and indentifying its problems, as it reflects about the possibility of humanity inhabiting other territories in space, in order to survive.

Survival Conditions

Survival Conditions