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Hakan Akçura   

Όλη η Θήβα – τελική τοποθέτηση έργου:  Κεντρική πλατεία.

“Where are the seven ports of Thebes now?”


When I overlay “the plan for the ancient city of Thebes” upon the “satellite image of recent Thebes”, a chance appears for finding estimated places of the seven ancient ports.

Searching and finding the ports and finding out who live there now, even learning about what kinds of live experiences has occurred  there, would be of interest for me.

I want to spend seven days for this experience and the exhibition and I want to have a  company with seven different volunteers of Sphinx 2018 organization, during seven days, one volunteer for each day. Probably their answers about their lifes will lead to some answers for me to open new doors in my own life.

“Where are the seven ports of Thebes now?” is project of mapping, searching, discovering, meeting and the very exciting “being” project for me. The results of these experiences will be represented in a two dimensional collage at the end of the project.