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Neno Belchev       

Performance: Κεντρική Πλατεία, Τοιχογραφία: Κινηματογράφος Σόνια.

“Immigration in suitcase”


“Do you remember me?”


About performance:

It could be done directly on a street or in gallery space: in the open luggage-carrier a very small and old red car is visible closed suitcase. In the suitcase or box there is an alive man in embryonic position, who is the author of the project – Neno. Inside the box he is filming himself with video camera, which broadcasts video signal to a multimedia projector (beamer) or TV screen. The image of the sweating and suffering man in very uncomfortable position of the body in very tight space is projected on a big screen or wall or on TV monitor.  For example, the performance can be done also in cardboard box for home electric tool as big washing machine or similar - it is not obligation to be in suitcase (travel chest) or luggage carrier of a car.  I plan to do the proposed video-performance, around 30-35 minutes but not less and later to exhibit a video-documentation of the performance.



For different reasons, outcast from their native born places, many people undertake dangerous journeys with the purpose to find better place for living. Many of them die during the way, traveling in suitcases, luggage-carriers and containers. Neno makes this performance as a research, to understand: what is it, which force so many people to immigrate in other country. What is the value of the emigration? And what is the value of the “better” life/ better?  Based on the idea that we unconsciously feel empathy with the characters in movie or in the picture, we watch; or in the book, we read, this performance is a result of the author’s desire to identify himself with the immigrants and to drive the spectators to put themselves in the place of the immigrants and to feel their suffering.  Not the governments, which accept them, but rather the governments, which force them go abroad, have to think on this problem, because the main reason for immigration is not the availability of good conditions in some countries but the absence of same conditions in some other countries. Neno believes that there are a lot of people, who sympathize and help the immigrants, but he also believes that this is not enough. He feels himself close to this theme, because before years he had a friend, who immigrated in Germany in a suitcase.





A painted portrait (mural) in a public space, which has as main character world-known icon-face with thought in balloon (but I’ll put in their mouth my thought). The painting uses same language of expression as the comics, but they will have unusual topic. It will be topics more in a way of political, self-ironical, philosophically-irrational and humoristic direction and I would like to connect them with some topics, which are typical for nowadays European society.