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Peter Reischl     

Κεντρική Πλατεία, Πεζόδρομος

Mirror, Mirror



‘Mirror, Mirror‘, is an interactive art event, which raises questions of identity, subjectivity and self-awareness in a world, where ideal body images and narratives of self-realization dictated by social media lead to constant comparison with others. To approach this

subject, I take polaroid pictures of people during the public event. On the pictures I write what impact their individual appearances have on my self-definition. The people will find their photographs with these handwritten notes on a pinboard located at the event. In doing so, I want to highlight the dependency of one‘s identity with it‘s environment. How I became the person I am? Who determines what I am? Am I a result of constant comparison with others? Do other people shape my insides, my contours? What if they had never existed in the first place?