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Κεντρική Πλατεία ( Θέση Πινδάρου) 


Land art Installation


Layer of red wood chips, printed carton


Chess is a game of abstract combination and strategy using bare reflection.
We are all pawns in this giant chess game, with eventual riddles and dead-end at every critical move.
Strategy, psychology and opportunism are inscribed in chess game, in history, and in the Sphinx myth.

One consequence of such similarities may be to find a sphinx-pawn on a chessboard.

In 2018, we like to call to mind the death, exactly 50 years ago, of Marcel Duchamp a chess champion, and a universal genius.
It is important to recall that Marcel Duchamp, although he got education in traditional art, discovering that the world of art was in an impasse, turned his back and offered « ready-made » objects of art to the world.