Generally for the biennale of the Sphinx


Founded in 2015, biennale SPHINX  is an ambitious artistic proposal of "social sculpture" that attempts to establish a new city, by changing the emotional map of the inhabitants of one of the oldest cities in Europe, through the vertical dive in place and time , to find the cultural reserve which will be the starting point for the creation of a new identity, an identity synchronized with our existential roots, conditions of happiness and peace, which are now asleep.


The work is about social life itself and is created by artists and citizens within the real social fabric of the city where, designed and spontaneously, multiple artistic, cultural and social events take place in various fields of science that change the moral and aesthetic dimension of life, proposing a new ontology. Great concepts that we are working on are the concept of the "holistic art", of "social sculpture" and the "ecology of denial".


The impasses of the modern world and human suffering are necessities that impose the reorientation of art on a morality in favor of a "human ecology", that  trusts the creative ability of all human beings and that places the future of the planet on them.






The international biennale of Sphinx, postponing the multifaceted action of this year's biennale on ANTIGONE, MOUNTAIN AND LIMIT - ANTIGONE - LIMITS AND BORDERS, is reorganized and keeps its stimulation in relation to the global impasses suggesting a digital online exhibition entitled:

"For a refusal to return to normalcy"

The modern industrial information society has been led to infect the whole of the social body with its perception of a particular productive activity that is increasingly detached and abhors the very process of life, turning into a pure, mechanical and beastly, self-destructive force.Today's semi-automatic mechanisms of social perversion production, adapted within the  production process itself, within its codified and technical subsets, concern not only the systems of knowledge, information and communication, but also the systems of construction of our inner desire, while forming a socialized as well as personalized, deep work planning.This planning is linked both externally and internally to the individual, in a classification of technical levels of supervision, social and institutional norms, state enforcement (government, law, police) that reveal only the abstract and frightening face, a machine of denial and self-destruction.In this clear picture for us, we try to reveal the inherent struggle of human creativity to the extent that it unleashes its potential, flows and energies through the channels of social discipline, shaping new organizations and expressions, touching new social relations, seeking new lands and new universes of life and desire, inventing new possibilities for autonomy and new paths connecting man with nature, revealing new "archeological" territories from lost future worlds, already buried in the prehistoric human authenticity to be released again.

In the digital exhibition that will take place from November 2-30, a maximum of 20 artists from around the world, and 20 amateur citizens - students will be selected to participate, creating exactly that framework of connection and social interaction with audience that coordinates the theoretical program of social sculpture while the work-exhibition will be presented online with every possible promotion by disseminating to the fullest extent the positions, appearances and concerns. The selected works will be presented as an appendix to the international biennale 2020.




Artists are invited to suggest personal work in complete accordance with the above theme, in any digital genre suitable for online presentation (video, interactive work or any other genre) that penetrates the subject creatively. Both the originality of the expression and the philosophical semantic element that gives new dimensions to the above reflection are considered important elements. Size limit is 15Mbyte.


 Artists' suggestions should be sent with all the following information to thebes.sphinx@gmail.com or via we-transfer, by August 30, 2020. Each artist can only submit one work at no cost. The announcement of the participants will be made in September by sending an information to the personal e-mail.


To submit the participation you will need:

·         Name - home address - contact details (phone - e-mail)

·         Description-summary of the participation proposal up to 150 words

(doc, PDF). It is important to document the relevance of the project to the issue. ( English or Greek).


After the selection will be requested

·         Short CV up to 150 words (doc, pdf) - (for artists)

·         Personal photo150x150 pixels.

·         An image -snapshot – of the project, size 150x150pixels