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Istanbul based contemporary artist Hakan Akçura who lived in Sweden since 2005 introduces himself as follows:
"I am an open flux artist. The following attributes that are the target of my creations are the things, I believe, all the contemporary artists who can’t refrain from creating with concern and responsibility should have.
To witness 'the essence of time' (zeitgeist) once again, that is to be more adverse and radical on this earth that is going down the drains, to heed the sharing and wide circulation of their creations instead of their ownership problems, to be independent. To be an artist who shows the way, opens minds, and redefines new problems, along with being an artist who also can be open to all kinds of interaction and communication, and being a playmaker when necessary. To try to create, and furthermore, to protect the existence of courage, originality, and composition, without falling into the swamp of elitism and populism."
(Hakan Akçura, "Theory of Open Flux", NY Arts Magazine,September, 2008)


"I made this painting, called "An too small island in Europe at 2011 or all of Europe soon" between August 9, 2011 and February 2, 2012. I could finally rent a studio last August and start to paint again after a long hiatus, nearly six years. My promise to my children in advance was to make my first painting for the victims of the Utøya Massacre in my new studio. I started two paintings in the same period, these paintings were relatively easy and they were over, but this was very hard, taken more time."

"An too small island in Europe at 2011 or all of Europe soon" Painting