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Education / degrees
- 2012: Master degree in product design, Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs (ENSAD), Paris

- 2008: Master in fine art, Beaux Arts of Lorient
- 2006:  Bachelor in fine art, Beaux Arts of Lorient


Exhibitions / prices
- 2014: exhibition at the French institute, Pierre David-Weill drawing prize,  Académie des Beaux-Arts, Paris
- 2014: 1st prize at ArtFab3D, contest for works of art with digital fabrication organized by K-droz (project «Breakfast mirages», laser engraving on toasts)
- 2013: «L’Art du goût, le goût de l’Art», biennale of Issy les Moulineaux
- 2012: «Pour demain», Designer’s Days, Paris
- 2012: «Pour demain», Design week, French Institut, Milano
- 2010: «Par’Avent», windows of the Ministry of Culture and Communication, Palais Royal, Paris
- 2009: finalist of the contest «Pure Creativity Competition, MGX», supported by Philippe Starck and Dassault Systèmes


Sugar City is a secret utopian city built with sugar lumps. This is a phantasmagoria of a future sugar world:
a sugar universe made from sugar buildings, a sugar life with sugar people.
This dreamland shows a sweetened world, a new society without annoyances, an utopia of a world without deprivations. This is a perfect city for pleasure, recreation and entertainment: this is a sugar consumer world, a mirror of the real world

Sugar city

Sugar city