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Magenta: Artistic collaboration created for research in performance, visual arts and media.
Magenta's founding members are Katerina Sotiriou, visual artist/set and costume designer, and Elena Timplalexi, director and writer. Other artists and performers are invited to join in the creative process depending on each project. Reconsidering structures and searching for new forms, the collaboration seeks performative and visual routes that allow innovative conceptual approaches.


An alternative approach to the Sphinx riddle answer. Jocasta's knows the truth some moments before Oedipus. The roles of mother, lover and partner collide and fuse in her psyche before she waves goodbye. This video is her goodbye, her legacy and prophecy in a retrospect. The poem "IF" by R. Kipling comes in an intertextual discourse on what Man is, in dialogue with the riddle. A projection of a female face in close-up with the poem being recited off and an atmospheric sound environment compose the form of the project.




Jocasta's lullaby

Jocasta's lullaby