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Max Boschini was born in 1973 in Mantua, Italy. He works as an active artist, researcher and curator, horse jumping between art, photography, human identity and society. His work has appeared in numerous exhibitions both nationally and internationally including biennials and festivals.


Several political parties operate in Italy. No one party has ever had the chance of gaining power alone and this parties must work with each other to form coalition governments. This situation has generated conflict and will continue to do so in the future. Mudslinging and dirty politics are not new phenomena. But now the phenomenon has exploded. Why? Decadence, corruption and moral passivity became ever more frequent and severe. Me, Massimiliano Boschini, maker of “artistic” worlds, I let you share in my political confusion. Art against contempt and decadence. Art as erudition of political sphere, Art as struggle against coldness and moral passivity. My artwork, of which I am both author /subject, describe my confusion about the italian society.

My polical world

My polical world