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2007-2009  School of Fine and Applied Arts Thessaloniki, Greece
2011-2012 École National Supérieure des Beaux Arts Paris, France (ERASM
2009-2014  School of Fine Arts Athens, Greece
Solo Exhibition:
2015, Air Sale - Inside/Outside, Stoa 44, Greece, Athens
Permanent Group Exhibition:
2012, Intimate Space, Olympic Village, Austria,
Selected Group Exhibitions:
2011, Hybrid Galerie Gauche et Droite Ensba, France, Paris
2012, Exotica, Galerie Droite Ensba, France, Paris
2012, Bien Fait = Mal Fait = Pas Fait Galerie Gauche et Droite Ensba, France, Paris
2013, One photograph for Patision, banners in Patision empty shops, Greece, Athens
2013, New Wagon Art, Wagons Roof, Greece,
2014, Moment Grec, Folklore Museum, Greece,
2015, Fireworks Out Of Season - Riviera, Riviera, Greece, Athens
2015, The VELVET Invention [in search of the anti-giraffe: 10 years and counting] Romantso, Greece, Athens
Intimate Space, SCHLEBRÜGGE.EDITOR, 2012
Moment Grec, Agra editions, 2015
Velvet 0, VELVET magazine, 2015


This video is parallel to the riddle of the sphinx as in the video frame we recognise traces of Greece’s past, but in the far distance present is visible. The presence of the construction vehicle in the front, with the driver absent and inclined downhill is commenting on the now-day situation of Greece, and same time has a visible touch of irony. The happy tempo of the sound contradicts with the visual context. It is a paraphrase of our National Anthem - something that normally makes us proud to sing. One-minute silence refers to grief. Both humour and irony are present.


Athens, Greece

Athens, Greece