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έργα και συμμετέχοντες



George Syrakis was born in Egypt 1949. From 1962 live in Greece. In 1975 graduate from the University of Athens. First personal exhibition in Athens 1993. In 2003 became part of artistic chamber of Athens. In 1993 became part of artistic team EST. With that team had made many exhibitions in Greece. Also he had take part in abroad exhibitions in France, Czech Republic, China, Peru, Russia and Turkey.
Mainly uses themes of Fantastic Landscapes and Inorganic elements.


The meaning of Sphinx in the past had various meanings. In Ancient Egypt the Sphinx has a meaning of a goddess. But in ancient Greece had inauspicious meaning. In my painting I change the meaning of Sphinx from predator bird to benevolent bird. That it means the city of Thiva will find again her glamor.