έργα και συμμετέχοντες

Curated by Dores & Rose Sacquegna

From OCTOBER 4th to NOVEMBER 4th 2015

Opening OCTOBER 4th at 7pm - GREEK WAVES


It opens 4th October at 7pm the opening of THE SPHINX THEBES FESTIVAL to the Conference Center in Thebes (Greece). The Festival is planned and coordinated by IAA Unesco Artists Constantine Angelou and Polyxene Kasda and it is under the auspices of Hellenic Republic, the Greek Ministry of Culture, Education and Religious Affairs, the collaboration of the Athens School of Fine Arts, the National Museum and Municipality of Thebes. Sphinx 2015 is an artistic project in the urban and social life of the town of Thebes, where artists specializing in different fields, from all over the world, authors, scientists, directors and the public create by interacting with its mnemonic elements, proposing solutions to “found the city of the future”, the place we want to live in. Project Sphinx is centered around the Riddle of Sphinx  which Oedipus solved by answering: “Anthropos”, a term which is an unsolved riddle in itself. The Riddle of the Sphinx re-examines the meaning of the human being through his position in space, time, history, that is, his identity.


In this context arises the project curated by Dores & Rose Sacquegna from Primo Piano LivinGallery in Lecce, Italy, with the proposal "A fertile city or the riddle of Sphinx” divided into three different sessions (GREEK WAVES, LANDGRAPHIE, CRYPTOGRAPHIE) on the myth , the identity and the utopia, with the participation of very well-known international artists and Greek directors.


GREEK WAVES is a film review set up in Greece by Greek directors. The thread that unites these presences on display is MYTH, the sociological and cultural force that has manifested itself in an unprecedented way in Greece; the cradle of the world. Through contemporary movie language myth acts at a deeper level of language and finds fertile ground in the cinema freighted with stimuli that invade the collective imagination of society. The event opens with a tribute to THEO ANGELOPOULOS, a director who died tragically, but who cleverly mixed picture, history and storytelling, providing a universal scheme for a reinterpretation of the historic Greek mythography. On showcases the video-reportage "WHY IS THE MEADOW WEEPING, MR. ANGELOPOULOS? "produced by the Filmfabrik directed by ANASTASIA CHRISTOFORIDOU. The unbreakable bond between myth and contemporary fiction is a treasure trove of exciting and timeless images, especially for a medium that works on the visual and the emotional level. One example is the film "THE REVENGE OF DIONYSUS" by DIMITRIS KOLLATOS - director and producer of avant-garde theater from the 60s - the dionysiac myth here is a word of subversion, a voice of rebellion that tells the current situation in Greece; the film was displayed at the 55°International Film Festival of Thessaloniki in 2014.The projection continues with the film "ALPHA" which tells the Greek tragedy of Antigone, daughter of Oedipus, in a modern way; the film by director STATHIS ATHANASIOU, was crowdfunded, produced in Greece and distributed by Creative Commons. The new social life, enters into new myths because myth itself is able to get into it and be transformed, adapting itself to ever-changing forms of language that in every age the human being is developing to transmit his ideas, his values and to translate and interpret the legacy of his past. Another example is the movie "THE SUN AND THE WIND", by THANASIS NEOFOTISTOS, award-winning in numerous festivals including Cannes Avif 2014; Hellenic Film Academy in 2014, and inspired by the Aesop fable and from the poetry by George Drosinis, produced by T-Short & NF-Films in 2014. Time and space, both limited, encase the freedom and independence of myth which in its incarnations on film definitely does not lose the charm and power, like in the black and white film "FAWNS" by THANASIS TSIMPINIS (produced by George Chorevas and Avion Film Production in 2014), the movie won Winner Best Cinematography 20th Athens International Film Festival; The film unfolds between image and poetry, it tells a love story between two homosexuals and about human relations. The two media come together, superimposing the audio and the visual aspects. The watchword of humanity at the beginning of the third millennium is integration and fusion of languages and messages, the myth travels at high speed, creating connections, links and unexpected scenarios like "Η ΠΌΛΙΣ (THE CITY) - A POEM BY CP CAVAFY ", by GEORGE TSIROGIANNIS; an interactive film based on this poem by CP Cavafy, one of the most influential Greek poets. The film evokes ontological contrasting scenarios where the computer and internet recuperate a fundamental dimension of myth from the oral dimension to narrative performance. The film "MATRIARCHY", (produced in 2014 by the film "FOR ETERNITY" (produced by C. Georgiou for "Blunatic pictures") and directed by ex-director of the Greek TV MARIA LAFI; the movie tells about a love story set in the afterlife: the film was awarded the 4th Athens International Digital Film festival AIDFF and the Best Stage Design and Art direction Drama Film Festival 2014, Greece. The contemporary world is in a context where identities themselves are put to work; simulations of freedom where real feeling and thinking become productive power as in the case of the comic film "CURE", by IFIGENIA DIMITRIOU which tells the working life of employees in the Greek public sector; the movie deliberately filmed in black and white won to the 3rd PRIZE at San Francisco Greek Film Festival in 2015 and Athens International Film Festival in 2014. All of us in our life we have ever dreamed of flying and the story of Peter Pan has flown with the imagination the children. From directors EIRINI STEIROU and ELIZA ALEXANDROPOULOU, came out “Peter Pan Project: First Flight”; the movie narrates Peter Pan’s first attempt to fly and at the same time, the eternal human desire to beat gravity, overcome fear and doubt common reason. This short film is part of a theatre performance directed by Eliza Alexandropoulou and written by Danae Tanidou. The play was  officially presented in Eurotopiques Theatre Festival in Tourcoing France and as a “work in progress” in Athens. The review ends with the film "THE LINE BUS", by PANAYOTIS KRAVVARIS a production of the Greek Film Center and Olympus Films in 2005, based on the story of a twelve year old boy who decides to leave for the big city to create his future.